Google Music App For Ios To Drop In October, Says Report

Personally I dont believe there should be a music hall of fame, but if you were really going to do it right, design it like Major League Baseball where its based on some tangible numbers. That used to be sales, but now the only really numbers that count are YouTube video views. Want a yardstick as to how this works? It used to be that a million views was considered substantial, but now that just barely gets you in the game. Hit 10 million? Now youre making some noise, but it isnt until you hit the 50 million mark that a song can truly be considered a hit, with most of the biggest hitting view counts far beyond 100 million. Whats more, that doesnt even include all of the offshoot user-generated lyric and cover song videos that rake in tens of millions of additional and uncounted views as well. YouTube is truly the major criteria for measuring a songs success these days, banishing all other measurements to secondary status. And YouTube seems like it will do these awards the right way, limiting them to only seven categories (the categories and the nominees will be announced on October 17), because heres the secret that no one talks about superstars dont need awards. Theyve got plenty of accolades already, and one more isnt going to make or break them. But rising stars and breaking artists do need the recognition, so the hopes are that some successful (by YouTube standards anyway) but less visible artists will get their due as a result of this show. Can the YouTube viewer system be gamed?

Google Music app for iOS to drop in October, says report A native iOS app for Google’s streaming-music service is being tested inside the company and will be released once bugs are worked out, reports Engadget. October 3, 2013 9:47 AM PDT (Credit: Google) Google Music, the search company’s streaming-music service, will be coming to iOS as a native application soon, according to a new report. Google is currently working on its Music app and plans to get it to Apple’s App Store sometime this month, Engadget reported on Thursday, citing people who are familiar with the search giant’s plans. Google Music for iOS is being tested internally right now, according to the report, and still has few bugs to be worked out before its ready for public release. Related stories Google Music adds seven new countries to its roster Google Music is one of what is becoming a growing number of streaming-music services in the industry. Google Music is already available on Android devices and on the desktop, through the Google Music Web app. There are also some unofficial iOS apps that work with the platform. However, Google has yet to bring its native app to iOS, citing its need for Flash use in order to enforce digital rights management (DRM) on its songs. CNET has contacted Google for comment. We will update this story when we have more information. Topics: