Hollywood Networking Breakfast Helps Bizzers Connect

Pharmacists are reporting fast-growing sales of antidepressants. Medical marijuana is a major growth industry. The calendars of shrinks are full. But its conservatives who are feeling the heat. They have a narrow corridor of time in which to sell their message: Once people are enrolled and obtaining benefits, they will be nervous about surrendering them. Hence the campaign will shortly get up close and personal. The president last week addressed thousands of volunteers who will shortly take to the field, urging door-to-door support of the Obamacare doctrine. Arrayed on the other side are groups like Americans for Prosperity and the Heritage Action Fund. They are counting not only on massive paid advertising but also on booking spokesmen on conservative radio and TV shows. Yet they cannot simply preach to the Fox News choir. Young women are specially targeted in most of the commercials. Your well-being (determined) by a bureaucrat in D.C. is devastating, says one woman identified as a cancer survivor. Obamacare cannot be implemented, the ad concludes. Since every other advanced nation has the equivalent of Obamacare, why is the issue so emotional in America?

Chelsea Players as Hollywood Movie Characters

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Kelley, Wes Craven and James Burrows, all of whom have at one time or another volunteered as guest speakers. Initially held on the Paramount Studios lot, the breakfast now takes place at Hollywoods Raleigh Studios on the last Thursday or Saturday of every month. Sandra Lord, the brain behind the breakfast, said she created the org when she moved to L.A. from St. Lucia and found that existing networking events didnt allow attendees to intermingle, or for newcomers to be heard. People were thrust into a room, and most people kept to themselves, passing judgment on others, watching whos important and whos not, said Lord, whos also CEO of the nonprofit Changing Images in America and the production company Lord Entertainment Group. So I thought that there was an opportunity to do something different and to provide access to everyone. Anyone, including walk-ins, can attend the breakfast as long as they pony up the $45-$55 cost. At the event, every attendee is allotted 15 seconds to introduce themselves to a room of 100 to 250 entertainment bizzers before the scheduled speaker from the film, TV or music industry takes the floor. Lord and her staff choose one attendee to either meet the guest speakers again for a lunch date or visit them at their place of work. For instance, Two and a Half Men director James Widdoes, who spoke at the HNB two years ago, allowed an attendee a Broadway production stage manager, who had moved to L.A. to become an assistant director to observe him on set. Widdoes hired him as a stage PA on his ABC Family pilot and Hulu Web series. As I say to anybody, whether theyre starting out in the business or theyve been at it for 30 years, you have to get your product in front of people every opportunity you can, Widdoes said. Lollie knows exactly what he means. (The breakfast) is a really good way of keeping ahead of things happening in Hollywood, she said.

Hollywood Won’t Be a Bystander as Healthcare Debate Heats Up

He’s also a man who has also found himself in hot water with the authorities at various times in his career, falling out with UEFA, the FA and footballing power brokers of Italy and Spain. There’s only one man from Hollywood movies who can truly resemble Mourinho as a characterDon Vito Corleone, of course! Roman Abramovich / Jackie Moon Semi-Pro image courtesy of HoustonEagle.com Mark Thompson/Getty Images Given we’ve mentioned Jose Mourinho in a movie character context, we couldn’t forgive ourselves if we ignored Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. In his 10 years in charge at Stamford Bridge, the Russian has hired and fired managers like they’re going out of fashion. In total, he has employed eight different men to occupy the Chelsea hot seat, with Mourinho’s return this summer making him the ninth managerial change in total. With Chelsea’s high turnover of coaches, it has led to some suspecting Abramovich wants to run the team himself, losing patience with those he eventually deems not good enough to lead the team to glory. Having that in mind, there’s one Hollywood character who stands out from the restJackie Moon of Semi-Pro fame. Will Ferrell’s character in the hit movie not only owned the Flint Tropics basketball team, but he was coach, player and even a singer. We can only suspect Abramovich must desire at least two of those roles at Stamford Bridge. Petr Cech / Capt. Robert Hatch Escape to Victory image courtesy of YanksAreComing.com Ian Walton/Getty Images It’s perhaps an easy comparison to make as they’re both goalkeepers, but Chelsea’s Petr Cech and Sylvester Stallone’s Capt.